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Flight Simulation Adventure

30 minutes (with flight instructor)

Do you enjoy flight simulators? Video games? Our full motion Redbird FMX is equipped with a 180° field of view and 3 axis of movement. Experience flying without ever leaving the ground! Perfect for birthday parties (10 yrs+), hardcore flight sim enthusiast, and everyone in between.

The flight simulator is the RedBird FMX. This simulator allows you to fly anywhere in the world, in any weather, to any airport! Our RedBird can simulate three different types of airplanes.

Cessna 172 – Traditional instruments
Cessna 182 -Garmin “Glass Cockpit (computerized instrumentation)
Piper Seminole- Twin engine aircraft with retractable landing gear.

For more information about the Red Bird check out this page.

Dual rate include the flight simulator and a flight instructor. After spending 1 hour with a flight instructor, the simulator may be rented solo. Dual training also includes a tour of the school.

Dual (with a flight instructor) rate (the device may be shared with multiple students)
30 minutes: $60
60 minutes $100

Solo rate:
30 minutes:  $35
60 minutes: $60

Solo bulk rate:
5 hours for $200

Any questions, feel free to contact us.

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