Harv’s Air – 2001 Innovation Award Winner

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Harv’s Air is 2001 Innovation Award Winner! In an announcement at ATAC’s Annual General Meeting, President and CEO Clifford Mackay stated:

“Harv’s Air is a leader in the use of online technology for advertising, networking and education. Using the Aviation Canada Discussion forum, internet traffic is drawn to the school website and the online ground school. Students from around the world are now traveling to Steinbach, Manitoba, for aviation training.”

The Innovation Awards recognizes Canadian flight schools, and air taxi and charter operators that have demonstrated best practices for increasing safety and increased product quality by developing a practice, or strategy, that is so innovative it will serve as an example for others to follow and learn from.

The Innovation Awards were a feature of the ATAC Annual General Meeting in Toronto, the largest commercial aviation organization in Canada. The gathering attracted approximately 700 operators, suppliers and service companies involved in all aspects of the commercial aviation industry. ATAC has represented the commercial air transport industry in Canada since 1934.

Harv’s Air Service is a family-owned and operated air service located just south of Steinbach, Manitoba. Offering both accelerated but very comprehensive courses for all licences and permits from the Recreational Permit on through to the Multi-IFR and Instructor Ratings. Since 1972 we have taken pride in offering the very best in flight training in the safest, most enjoyable way possible.

Additional contact information:

Glenn Priestley
Vice-President, Fixed Wing Air Taxi and Flight Training
Air Transport Association of Canada
255 Albert Street
Suite 1100
Ottawa ON K1P 6A9
Phone: (613) 233-7727 Ext 309
Fax: (613) 230-8648
E-mail: glennp@atac.ca

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