Steinbach or St. Andrews?

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Harv’s Air now operates from 2 locations; Steinbach South airport, and the new location at the St. Andrews airport (just north of Winnipeg). Variety has always been a major theme in our flight training programs, and we are excited to be able to increase the variety for our flight students.

Both operations offer a friendly, professional atmosphere. Since the locations are only 20 minutes apart by air, we expect to move resources back and forth as the demand warrants. This includes the number and type of airplanes, examiners, and ground/flight instructors.

The Steinbach operation offers an uncontrolled airport (no control tower), with grass and paved runways. Flying from Steinbach allows flexibility and time saving. The practice area is located above the airport and a short, quick taxi for takeoff and landing. A Satellite (GPS) approach is available for IFR training. On average there are 15 airplanes based in Steinbach. Mobiles homes are available for accommodations.

The St. Andrews location offers a controlled airport (control tower). Flying from St. Andrews allows multiple runways with a variety of traffic. The practice area is just to the north east of the airport. A Non Directional Beacon (NDB) approach is on the airport and Winnipeg International’s approaches are minutes away. By fall 2005 there will be 10 airplanes available for students and customers. There is a dormitory and restaurant located on the school property.

Students and customers are welcome to fly at both locations. It is suggested that students talk to Adam, Harv, or their flight instructor about which location best suits for the student/customer.

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