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Gift certificates!

Do you know people whose eyes turn upward at the sound of an airplane flying overhead? Or somebody looking for adventure? Or are you simply looking for a unique gift idea? Give them a gift they’ll remember for a lifetime… a gift certificate for a flying adventure! What could be better than giving your friend/loved one/significant other an experience of freedom, adventure and the thrill of a lifetime? Imagine their ear-to-ear smile after a flight in a Pitts, Citabria, or even the classic Cessna! Gift certificates may be purchased for many different experiences: Aerobatic flight (upside-down kind of stuff) in a Pitts Special, or a relaxed, scenic (straight and level) flight over Southern Manitoba. Or a discovery flight: the first step to learning how to fly! Certificates vary in price depending on:

  • If aerobatics are requested (requires Aerobatic capable aircraft)
  • The type of aircraft used
  • The length of time requested for the flight.

You may combine any of these to customize the gift of your choice.

Samples of Gift Certificates

Discovery Flight

A discovery flight pairs you with one of our excellent Certified Flight Instructors for a ground-based introduction to the aircraft and its components, then with a flight highlighting more of the detail of takeoffs, basic turning maneuvers, and the different types and complexity of landings. This is a great gift for someone who wants to see if they’re interested in pursuing their licence! For more information visit our discovery flight page.

Airplane ride: Get above it all

We’ve been giving airplane rides since 1972. Who goes for a ride? You name it: from two months old, to 102 years old, they all love it. The youngsters smile for a week, the oldsters always want to share a story. In fact, I always pay keen attention when someone says, “I remember my first airplane ride, it was…” I have heard some amazing stories that range all the way back to the 1940s. You see, that first airplane ride lasts a lifetime! When you give an airplane ride as a gift, you give a lifetime memory. In many countries of the world, general aviation as we know it does not exist. As a result, airplane rides are unknown. Luckily for you, you need not suffer the same fate.

Flight of your life

The flight of your life is an aerobatic demonstration flight in a Pitts S2B. You and an aerobatic instructor take a 20-25 minute flight in a Pitts S2B. This aircraft is a highly maneuverable biplane used in airshows. Commonly flown aerobatic maneuvers are: Loops, Rolls, Snap Rolls, Hammerheads, Cuban Eighths, Inverted Flight…the list goes on and on. You decide what you want to do. For more information visit our Flight of your life page. Please call or email for more information or to purchase a gift certificate! Or drop by to get a personal introduction to our facilities, instructors, and aircraft.

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