Manitoba Marathon! What an inspirational day!

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Cue “Chariots of Fire” background music! grin

What an inspirational day! Greg running the full marathon, the Harv’s Air Relay team (Jon, Justin, Jordan, Deviah, Luke) and Petr all deserve a big pat on the back for their taking part in the Manitoba Marathon! Fantastic!

Greg Penner did exceptionally well…coming in THIRD out of 900 runners! Amazing!

Before the race, Greg sent the following email:

“Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support. During the race, I will run my 200th hour of running in 2007, which would put me around (2800 km +/-) thus far. What’s another 42?!!

Again, I’d just like to again thank you for the support. Really, I think it’s more than just me running. Tanya and I do this together. She supports me with words of encouragement, putting up with my eating/sleep habits, early mornings, and trying to do anything that will get me to the line fitter. I have only been a runner all the years we’ve been together so it’s been a big part of our lifestyle. To my family a similar thanks. They have seen my do endurance sports for 17 or so years and seemed to have embraced the lifestyle. Luke is running in the relay as well this year. To my new family, they have defentially embraced running as there is a family relay team (I’m doing leg #1 for the team). Great to see people pushing themselves!”

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