Aviation Seminars!

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All instructors/students and potential students are strongly encouraged to attend these aviation seminars. There is no cost for the seminars.

Air Traffic Control Seminar: January 21 at 6pm. This will be held in Steinbach at the Steinbach Bible College located on Brandt road across from Dairy Queen. This is a very practical seminar given by the head controllers for the Winnipeg and St. Andrews airports. They will discuss radio procedures in and around Winnipeg.

2008 Rust Remover: Theme: Keeping our Airspace Safe. Hosted by: CASARA. Manitoba Aviation Council, RAA Manitoba and COPA Flight 35. Featuring speakers from Harv’s Air (thanks Aaron), NavCanada, and Transport Canada. This will be held at the Winnipeg Aviation Museum at 6:30 pm on January 31.

CASARA Seminar: February 1 at 6:30 pm. This will be held at our St. Andrews location hosted by Chuck. Find out how Civil Air Search and Rescue Association works and how you can be involved. They will describe how they search for airplanes and things you can do to increase your changes of being found. A must for all pilots.

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