Cessna 172S Garmin 1000!

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We are very excited to now have C-GJOX on the line! This is not your “fathers” Cessna 172!

g1000 172.jpg

C-GJOX is a 2005 Cessna 172S:
180 HP = 120 knots
Garmin 1000
Mode S Transponder (TIS traffic advisory)
3 axis autopilot with altitude select
XM radio and satellite weather (inflight radar, metar/taf, upper winds, tfr, pireps)
Leather Interior
Airbags (yes really!)
Air Conditioning (this airplane is also warm at -25 C)

This airplane is available for glass cockpit checkouts, rental, training, and long cross countries. IT IS AWESOME! This airplane is now based in Steinbach and goes for $160/hour wet.

See Harv’s recent write up on the Evolution of the Cessna 172

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