iPilot: Designed in Manitoba, Assembled in China

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Harv’s Air is pleased to announce a truly innovative approach to flying : iPilot!

iPilot is a computerized robotic pilot software/hardware solution for any airplane, requiring no need for human pilots! iPilot uses the same operating system as the Ipad/Iphone/Ipod (IOS 4.0). Combined with a Garmin GFC700 autopilot, voice recognition (using google voice), rear and front facing cameras, wifi (802.11b), radar, gps (with WASS), and the online knowledge of pilottraining.ca combined together to make a truly 21st century solution to the long promised but never realized “Pilot Shortage”.

ipilot allows for customizations to the piloting algorithms such as the “Luke” mode (he’ll show you a killer double hammerhead), “Adam” mode (only works with a Garmin 1000 and fiberglass airplanes), and a “Harv” mode (perform a flight test mode).

Also as a service to the industry, Harv’s Air is modifying the code and hardware and applying this package to other aviation related challenges. These variations include but are not limited to iRegulator and iController.

iRegulator has been offered to Transport Canada who are studying it to see if it’s SMS compatible. According to their terms of service letter, we can expect a answer within 140 business days. If we don’t like that we can call our MP they helpfully suggested.

iController was offered to NavCanada but they are unsure how to use it with their system (they say it’s too complicated of a problem to solve with complicated airspace such as Winnipeg). Their public relations person also helpfully denied there was a shortage of terminal controllers in the Winnipeg area.

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