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Harv’s Air is a family owned and operated air service with locations near Steinbach and St. Andrews, both in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area. Our air service offers flight training, air taxi, and aircraft maintenance service since 1973 with the current owner and operator. Having two locations allows us to offer amazing resources for flight training including examiners, instructors, aircraft maintenance engineers. We offer accelerated but very comprehensive courses for pilot licences both for a career in aviation and for personal enjoyment.

For career training we offer both modular training and integrated training. Modular training is the traditional format of flying lessons including the private, night, multi, commercial, and instrument ratings. Modular courses allow students to start any time and work at their own pace and schedule as well as receive full credit for flight training being received from elsewhere. Integrated courses is a new way to conduct flight training allowing for a smooth, structured, efficient flow from zero experience on up to the Airline Transport Licence.

Flying is fun! Our courses and programs mean you can enjoy aviation and flying many different ways. For recreational flying we offer discovery flights (a first lesson), airplane rides, co-pilot courses, student pilot permits, Recreational permits, and Private licences. These courses and programs can start any time and work at your own pace and schedule.

The experience of the staff and management is the envy of the aviation training industry. Having the same owner and management for over 40 years is unrivaled in the industry. Our management actually flies and owns the airplanes used by the school. Our staff of instructors are all fully qualified and dedicated to making your flight training the most fulfilling, enjoyable experience possible. We also have several Pilot Examiners employed in the company ensuring the highest standard of flight training possible and ease of flight test availability. As a customer, the choice of flight instructor you work with is up to you!

Our maintenance staff wants to get the airplanes back in the air where they belong! Aircraft maintenance is carried out by our own approved aircraft maintenance organization. This means that school airplanes are priority when it comes to snags and inspections minimizing down time. We take pride in ensuring our maintenance staff is up to date with current regulatory changes and current aircraft maintenance techniques. We also carry extensive spare parts including radios, engines, instruments, aircraft and control surfaces, all designed to minimize down time.

Our buildings and facilities are the best in the industry. On site/airport accommodations allow a student to concentrate on flight training without worrying about where to stay or securing daily transportation. Our modern offices are large and offer many briefing rooms for study and include free access to the internet via wifi. All airplanes are stored in hangars, ensuring they stay clean, safe, and warm all year round.

Harv’s Air fleet of airplanes is second to none. We operate a mixed fleet of airplanes consisting of economical trainers, high and low wings, the latest airplane technology with computerized cockpits, many multi engine airplanes, on up to the challenging tail draggers and the ultimate category aerobatic airplanes. Our fleet is large with backups for every type of airplane ensuring students won’t be grounded during their training.

Our approach to ground school is unprecedented in aviation training. We’ll still offer the classroom ground schools and one on one tutoring to those who prefer a traditional way of learning, Harv’s Air has developed Online Ground School at www.pilottraining.ca. Online ground school allows students to study anywhere at any time and schedule. In development since 1999, Harv’s Air now trains more ground schools then ALL the other flight schools in Canada COMBINED.

Thanks for visiting our website, please feel free to contact us for a tour or to ask for information. What on earth are you waiting for?!

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