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Frasca Flight training device for Cessna 172S Garmin G1000

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Another first for the Manitoba Aviation Training Market! Introducing the Frasca Cessna 172S Flight Training Device!

This device uses real Garmin G1000 displays. So the learning on this device transfers 100% to the airplane. You’ll be amazed how similar this device is as compared to a a real Cessna 172S with the G1000 (like C-GJOX) .

This device is just tremendous for learning how to use the Garmin G1000. Far cheaper, safer, and faster then starting in the airplane.

Why learn how to use the Garmin G1000? It’s the future!

For example several of the commuter/airline operators in Winnipeg are retrofitting their Metro and King Airs to the Garmin G1000 because of its reliability, maintainability, affordability (compared to maintaining old avionics), weight savings, and improved situational awareness.

Several aircraft manufactures are also installing the Garmin G1000 family, including Bombardier and Embraer

Get a leg up on the competition and learn how to fly the Garmin G1000 today!

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