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Ground School Options

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We have 4 options when it comes to ground school. Everybody learns differently, so we try to offer ground school in a way that work best for the student. Ground School is the theory or background a pilot needs to learn and the material for the Transport Canada examinations.

Online Ground School:  Start any time, go at your own pace and schedule. This is the least expensive option and the student will have no need to drive to a ground school location.  Questions can be asked via email and forum but not via a live instructor.  Online ground school is best for students who can self motivate.

Remote Ground School: Scheduled at certain times conducted using Skype.  There is no need to drive anywhere as a student can learn from home and ask questions of an instructor in an interactive environment.

Classroom Ground School: Traditional Ground School in a group setting, often in the evenings. Difficultly is finding enough students to commit at the same time.  Online Ground School and Remote ground school make up 95% of the ground schools we cover. Schedule posted on facebook.com/harvsair

One on One Ground School: Work one on one with an instructor, most focused on your learning needs. More expensive.

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