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Why Us

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The School
Experienced management. Since 1972, one owner.
Friendly atmosphere. Family owned and operated.
What we advertise, we deliver.
Certificate, Diploma and Degree program with Providence College University.
Harv’s Air Service is also an Air Taxi and Maintenance service.
Accommodations available right on the airport/school. Room for 40 students.
Extensive experience with bush flying, float and ski flying.
Students from across Canada and the world.
One stop shopping. All permits, licences, endorsements, and ratings are available including: taildraggers, Multi IFR, and aerobatics.
Financial strength: Harv’s Air owns vs. leases its fleet of aircraft and flight training devices.

Combined 35,000 hours of flight training experience.
We hire only Harv’s Air trained instructors and pilots.
Instructors have experience with taildraggers, aerobatics, floats, corporate aviation, and air taxi flight.
Instructors are dedicated to teaching aviation. Students ALWAYS come first.
Pilot Examiners on staff for Recreational, Private, Commercial, Multi, IFR, instructor, and aerobatic instructor. Having a Pilot Examiner on staff means no lengthy delays or scheduling problems conducting a flight test.

Operating from two locations with different airport environments. In essence we are one big flying school that shares resources like airplanes, instructors, examiners, and aircraft engineers that are moved to provide the best service to students and customers.

Privately owned and operated. No delays.
State of the art GPS approach including a LPV approach.
Training airplanes have priority at our airport.
Two runways. You will learn how to fly in crosswinds.
Real world conditions. Runway is 3000ft x 100ft (25ft pavement).
Uncontrolled airport (no control tower).
Practice area is all around the airport, aerobatic box above the airport!
Short taxi way, heated hangers, grass and pavement experience.
2 Hangars, one heated, one for storage. No airplanes stay outside.
Excellent weather for flying 310 visual flying days a year!

St. Andrews
Controlled airport. (control tower)
Three runways. Variety of directions for different wind conditions.
Winnipeg International is minutes away with multiple instrument approaches and large variety of traffic.
NDB and GPS Instrument approach
2 Hangers, one heated and one for storage (no need for wing covers, all airplanes stay inside)
10,000 square foot office/school area.
Excellent weather for flying 310 visual flying days a year!

The Fleet
One of the largest fleets in Canada. 36+ airplanes.
5 flight training devices including a full motion VFR and IFR simulator.
Variety of airplanes for a variety of experiences.
Few airplane scheduling problems.
All airplanes are well maintained, with excellent paint, interiors, intercoms, and avionics including GPS.
On staff maintenance engineers.
Owners/Managers that fly all aircraft, ensuring that snags will be fixed.
Fair rates. Best in Canada.

Courses and Programs
Government Transport Canada approved.
Designed to make you marketable in today’s aviation job market.
Ground school available in a classroom setting, one-to-one, and online (www.pilottraining.ca)
Emphasis on stick and rudder skills.
We are not a “diploma mill”, you are not a “number”.
Modular courses can start at any time, accelerated training available.
Missions Aviation Training available.
Canada has one of the highest standards in the world for flight training.
Courses include spins (dual and solo), advanced stalls and emergency maneuver training.
Recreational and Private courses can be completed on any airplane including taildraggers.
Aerobatics in both a Citabria and an Extra 300L (only five in Canada).

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