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Harv’s Air provides air tours for European/International aviators with maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss! From student pilots starting in aviation on up to seasoned veterans looking for a new thrill, we can provide you with an aerial adventure you’ll never forget. Flying in North America is a dream come true for Aviators. An awesome expanse of free airspace, currency advantages, a modern air traffic system, state of the art navigation aids, plentiful airports, and great weather: flying couldn’t be more affordable and enjoyable. After only 10-15 hours of rental flying, including the expenses of flying to Canada, you’ll already have saved money over airplane rental cost in Europe.

Every year we provide tours to customers from The Netherlands, England, Germany, Japan, France, and South Africa, to name a few. Feel free to browse through and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.

Flight Experience Tour
Building experience for a higher licence? Looking for a supervised way to build experience? Rent flight time on some great airplanes with no visa hassles. No TSA in Canada!

Tail Wheel Tour
Become a “real” pilot and learn to fly taildraggers! You’ll never want to fly “nose draggers” again!

Cross country tours
Have you dreamed of flying in North America? Want to see polar bears in Churchill? Mount Rushmore? Great lakes? Oshkosh (giant airshow)? We can help make your dreams come true!

Winnipeg airport pick up is provided free of charge between 8am and 10pm.. After you have arrived, all guests are given an extensive briefing which gives you information on the airports, suggested routes, information on significant airspace, communication frequencies and nav aids en route, reporting points, and other information helpful to flight planning. Depending on the pilots’ experience, we will also complete a checkout flight to ensure that you’ll feel confident and secure. Guests who will be flying will be issued a Tourist Pilot’s licence based on their current licence.

Pilots can also upgrade to a full Canadian Pilot Licence if so desired.

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