Airplane Rides

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We give airplane rides! Looking for a cool Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present? Want to see your house/land from the air? Get a different prospective on life? Then let’s go flying!

Airplane rides are typically given in a Cessna 172, the safest most common airplane ever built. This airplane has 4 seats, so after the pilot you can take 3 passengers. Your pilot (who is also a certified flight instructor), will fly anywhere you and your passengers would like to go. Since you are paying for the airplane, it’s the same price with 1, 2, or 3 passengers.

Flights originate from either the St. Andrews airport or the Steinbach south airport. We are open Monday to Saturday between 8am and sunset. On Sundays we are open from noon to 6pm. The best time for an airplane ride is early morning or evening, which is when typically the air is smoothest.

Purchase an airplane ride online here

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