Commercial Pilot Licence requirements and checklist

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Commercial Pilot Licence requirements and checklist

Documents to bring in:

Proof of Age — 18 years
Proof of Name/Citizenship — as per SPP
Medical Fitness — CAT 1 medical
Bring written results and record of ground school
Proof that English language test complete
Copies of name, age citizenship (if not previously submitted)
Completed application form for CPL, including all signatures
Photo and booklet application  (you need 1 passport style picture with the date and stamp) if not previously submitted
PTR — thoroughly filled in and completed by instructor and student
Pilot’s logbook
$80 fee to Transport Canada — by cheque to Receiver General of Canada, Credit card

Experience to confirm (between logbook and PTR–must match! If they don’t fix it)

200 hours total
100 PIC including 20 PIC x-c, with 1 300nm radius trip with 3 landings other than departure
65 Hours of CPL training; including:
35 dual with a flight instructor
5 dual night (2 x-c)
5 dual cross country since PPL
20 instrument after the PPL — 10 sim hours max
30 hours solo
25 hours general improvement/practice
5 hours night (10 t/o and landings)
Within 12 months, flight test passed


PTR completed:
P and D for everything
Record of Ground school
Preparatory ground times all recorded
Recommend pages completed
TC written results
Application form filled in properly, signed

All signatures entered
Times add up and make sense
Cross country routes filled in (each leg individual)
Log book and PTR match
Note in PTR/logbook where the 300 NM trip is

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