Commercial Pilot Licence

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The Commercial Licence will allow the pilot to fly airplanes for hire and reward.

Opens the avenue to what can be an exciting and lucrative aviation career! From big to small, aviation has many opportunities!


Private Pilot Licence
18 Birthdays
Class 1 medical. Obtained from a Aviation medical examiner.
There are no special educational requirements other than a working knowledge of English or French.


A minimum of 200 hours total flight time and 100 hours Pilot in Command time including 20 hours X-Country.
All previous flight time counts toward the Commercial Pilot course, more time building may be required to reach the required time.

The student should have the following material: Harv’s Air CPL Manual, From the Ground up, Flight Training Manual, Plotter, Flight Computer (E6B or CX2), Pilot Training Record (PTR), Logbook, and Winnipeg VNC/VTA Charts (Foreflight or similar is ok), and Pilot Operating Handbook.

The Commercial course consists of 65 hours of flight training and 80 hours of ground school. The break-down includes a Night rating and VFR-over-the-Top rating.

  • 35 hours of dual instruction
  • 10 hours of advanced dual instruction including at least 5 hours of X-Country
  • 20 hours of instrument time.
  • 5 hours dual night
  • 30 hours of solo flight time
  • 25 hours of general practice, including airwork, and radio communication
  •  5 hours solo night
  • Straight line cross country of at least 300 nautical miles with landings at 3 airports other than the departure airport
  • A minimum of 40 hours ground school. Including instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General Knowledge.
  • A Transport Canada Written and Flight test is required.

For Rates and Cost visit our rates page.



Training is at the student's pace and convenience. Call or email to discuss the length of time required to complete the course.

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