FAA Pilot Conversion

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This is the process to convert an FAA pilot licence to a Transport Canada licence. If you don’t have an FAA licence, check this page out.

Short answer:

  1. Obtain a Canadian Aviation Medical. You must get the medical certificate in hand before you are allowed to do the conversion exams. After seeing a doctor it still takes 4-5 weeks to get the medical certificate mailed to you. The medical from your FAA licence must also be valid in order to do the conversion.
  2. Prepare for the conversion exams by going to Pilottraining.ca and select the ground school that is required. Cost range is $50 to $200 depending on the licence to convert.
  3. Once you have a medical in hand and are ready for the exam, schedule the exam at a Transport Canada exam center.  Exam fees are $105 for each exam.
  4. Complete application at a Transport Canada office . It can take up to 90 days to receive the actual licence. Also fill out Aviation Document Booklet application and bring in a passport picture (original) for the Aviation Document Booklet. If you also want a Canadian radio exam, you can again prepare for exam with pilottraining.ca and complete the test with almost any flying school.
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