Professional Pilot Course

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The Professional pilot course combines several courses:

Private Pilot Licence
Night Rating
Commercial Pilot Licence
Multi Engine Rating
Multi Instrument Rating

Fly single and multi-engine aircraft day or night, in visual and instrument weather conditions for hire or reward. This course is designed to fulfill the entry level requirements for the airlines.


Financially able to complete the training: (students may pay as they go)

  • 18 Birthdays
  • Class 1 Canadian Aviation medical.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.

Total of 200 hours of flight training, of which 100 hours is Pilot in Command. Includes 50 hours of cross country flying time. Also includes 20 hours in a multi engine airplane.

Includes instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General knowledge.

A Transport Canada written and flight test is required for the Private, Commercial, Multi, and Instrument Rating.

For Rates and Cost visit our rates page.


The duration of the Professional Pilot Course is designed to last 11 months. This presumes a 5 day a week schedule with a 2 week break approximately in the middle of the course.

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