Single Engine Instrument Rating

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Allows the pilot to fly during Instrument conditions in a single engine aircraft.


The candidate must hold a Private Licence, and 50 Hours X-Country.


40 hours of instrument time (instrument time previously logged for the PPL, night rating or CPL could count toward this minimum time). 20 hours can be on a simulator.

A dual cross country of at least 100 nautical miles, under simulated or actual IFR conditions, must be completed.

A Transport Canada Written and Flight Test must be completed.

Students are required to have their own approach plates and lo enroute charts. Either on paper or electronic via foreflight. Depending on when the training takes place, you may need to purchase 2 sets of plates as the plates expire every 56 days.

For Rates and Cost visit our rates page.


Training is at the student's pace and convenience. Call or email to discuss the length of time required to complete the course.

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