VFR Over the Top

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Be on top of it all. An all-new privilege for the Canadian Pilot.

Flying VFR Over-the-Top means flying with visual reference to a layer of cloud instead of the earth's surface. This type of VFR flying offers challenges that require advanced training in instrument flying and radio navigation skills. It also requires advanced training and skill in interpretation and application of weather reports and forecasts.


Private Pilot Licence. A pilot who holds a Commercial Licence or Instrument
Rating can receive VFR OTT privileges automatically.


A minimum of 15 hours instrument training. Instrument hours from the Private
Pilot Licence and Night Rating may be included. 5 of these hours can be on a

Ground training consists of a knowledge and understanding of all pertinent air regulations, airspace, weather, instrument flying techniques, and the use of radio nav aids. ADF, VOR, and GPS will be covered. Although there is no practical or written test, candidates must meet the skill requirements.

For Rates and Cost visit our rates page.


Training is at the student's pace and convenience. When possible, some training will be scheduled under actual conditions.

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