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Get started in aviation! Become a pilot! Add a rating to your pilot licence! Our courses are flexible and can be conducted full time or part time. Flight training is one on one with a flight instructor; thus the schedule and pace is entirely up to you. If you don’t find a course for what you need, please contact us and ask!

What flying course should I take?
That of course depends on your goal! If your goal is…

To try flying lessons out to see if flying is for me?
Take the discovery flight

To be more comfortable as a passenger and be able to help out during normal and abnormal situations or just have a good time flying without worrying about licences and ratings?
Take the co-pilot course

To fly for fun in Ultralights, homebuilts, or certified airplanes
Take the Recreational Permit or Private Pilot Licence. Which one? Compare here

To start a career in aviation?
You would need to consider the type of schedule, finances, and pace you are able to commit to. You can either take the modular/traditional courses or the integrated courses.
Modular courses can start any time, pay as you go, and work at your own pace and schedule. The first step would be the Private Licence, even if you plan to fly commercially you have to start with the Private Pilot Licence. After would come the night rating, flight experience, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. These courses packaged together would be the Professional Pilot Course.

Integrated courses start twice a year (based on demand, usually September and April), and work as a structured, tightly focused course. Students in the integrated courses are full time and need to have the funds available before commencing the training. The integrated courses are designed for international airlines seeking a cadet orientated training scheme, but all are welcome to apply.

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