Organization & student tracking

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Considering the cost and complexities of flight training, it’s very important to have a system to organize and track the progress and quality of student pilot training. Harv’s Air has put considerable resources into developing a system which we feel will maximize the student’s efficiency and minimize the cost of flight training.

This system includes manual such as: Student manuals, Staff manuals (for dispatch, flight instructors, and maintenance), and a Flight Training Operations Manual.

Each course has its own manual and poster. This manual outlines the overall syllabus and lesson plan for each flight. Instructors and students can modify the syllabus to best suit the student’s rates of learning and goals. The course manual also includes information about the airplanes, navigation information, checklist, and flight test preparation.

Online Ground School.  Works from any computer connected to the internet including iOS device (ipad, iphone). Includes preparation for written examination, inflight lessons, and flight test preparation.  Lessons include presentations, videos, quizzes, flashcards, huge glossary of terms, and practice exams. Imagine being able to see the lesson you are doing on video from the pilots seat before you go flying.


Students gain much more from a flying lesson when they are prepared. By reading the Flight Training Manual, using the manual for the course, and the online course together a student will ensure that he is prepared and organized during the entire course.

Lesson tracking has traditionally been done with a Pilot Training Record (PTR) book. Currently we are switching over to an online version that has been developed in house. The online version of the PTR allows error free flying hours tracking, and a system to keep track of progress and requirements throughout the course. Having the PTR online allows the student, instructor, and sponsor to be up to date with progress throughout the course.


Another way to increase the value of the training and to help students gain proficiency quickly is by using a point of view camera and viewing it after the flying lesson. This allows you to see the lesson again and ensure that you won’t make the same mistake again.


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