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At the present time we are only offering integrated courses to airline sponsored students.  If you are a airline looking for integrated courses, feel free to email for more information.


What is the difference between integrated courses and the modular/traditional way of flight training?
In exchange for a tightly focused course with more ground school, Transport Canada allows for a slight reduction of flying hours and additional privileges such as being able to write the Airline Transport examinations early. Each and every hour of flying is scripted and has requirements to complete. One can’t just fly around the patch and expect to get credit toward this licence. Each flight has a clear objective and plan, not just to “build hours”. The ground school requirements are higher, and there is a maximum calender time limit (36 months). Specifically because of the ground school requirements, there is start date.

There are 3 different Integrated Courses, which one should I take?
CPL (A): The holder would earn a Commercial Pilot Licence in 150 hours.
CPL IR (A): The holder would earn a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Multi IFR in 190 hours.
ATPL (A): The holder would earn a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Multi IFR in 205 hours. This course includes a multi crew course, and to write the Airline Transport Exams.

Why would I do this program?
Some foreign airlines require the integrated course.
You prefer a very structured course with a group of students.
Ablity to write the ATPL exams and be “done” with school in a single course instead of coming back to school when you have  750 or 1500 hours to do the ATPL course and exam.

Why would I not do this program?
Due to the pacing and scheduling of the Integrated courses a student needs all of the funds up front. If you do not have the funds up front, do the modular flight training courses.
Working part time is not a option due to the intensity of the course.
You already have a pilot licence or a student pilot permit with more then 30 hours of flying experience. A limited amount of credit can be forwarded from previous flight training.
You prefer the flexibility of the traditional way of training, you are able to structure your own training.
Prefer to work on your own.
Can’t wait for a start date.

What does the Canadian aviation industry think of the integrated course, and are they more likely to hire because a student that has completed a integrated pilot course?
No. The Canadian aviation industry is not more likely to hire a graduate of an integrated program compared to a modular program. The average HR department of airlines in Canada is not even aware there a difference between an integrated and modular program. In the end the pilot licence looks the same. There is no “gold star” on a integrated licence.
The aviation industry generally hires based on the total flight hours in your logbook, attitude, and your reputation in the industry. Total flight hours are important because it’s a easy way to differentiate between candidates and the insurance industry indicates what level of pilot experience they are willing to insure based on the amount the company is paying for insurance.

Start date
First Monday of Janaury, April, or September
To start the course, we require a minimum 5 students signed up and deposit ($5000) paid 60 days before start date.

Willing to study and work hard.
Read and write English up to at least a Level IV ICAO English Lauguage Test Level.
High School Certificate/Diploma or equivalent.
Complete at least 1 discovery flight. This flight can be arranged when you arrive at the school.

How do I sign up?
Fill out our application form
We’ll arrange for a Interview. This can be done in person or phone/skype. We would discuss the program, and ensure that this program meets your goals and expectations.
International students are recommended to start the application at least 4 months before the start date to allow time for visa application.
A $5000 deposit required to hold a slot in the ground school, due 60 days before starting training.

How long is the course?
All integrated courses start at the same time. Students stay in the program until they are complete the type of interated course they are enrolled in.
CPL (A)  6 months
CPL IR (A) 9 months
ATPL (A) 12 months

How do the payments work?
$5000 payable to hold the seat in ground school 60 days before starting.
$5000 is paypable at the beginning of every month

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. If bad weather day during the week, then Saturday will be added to the schedule.
8am to 12pm – Classroom Ground School
1pm to 5pm – Flight Training and self study. Average of one flight a day is schedule. Each flight takes 2 hours include prep time, briefing,
the flight, and debriefing.

Can I have a part time job during training?
The course is very intense. There is no time for a part time job. If you want to work part time during flight training, then goto the modular route.

I have flight training experience, can I count it?
Only the first 30 hours. If you already have flight training, continue with the modular courses.

How many people are in the class?
Minimum 5, Maximum 15 students.


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