Integrated CPL (A)

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If the student is enrolled in the CPL(A) course, he/she will be instructed in aeronautical skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of the CPL(A):

300 hours of ground school instruction, of which 50% will be classroom based.
150 hours flight time of which up to 10 hours may be instrument ground time, consisting of at least:
(i) 80 hours of dual instruction flight time conducted by the holder of a flight instructor rating, of which up to 10 hours may be instrument ground time;
(ii) 70 hours pilot-in-command flight time supervised by the holder of a flight instructor rating;
(iii) 30 hours cross-country flight time as pilot-in-command, including a VFR cross-country flight to a point of a minimum of 300 nautical mile radius from the point of departure and including 3 landings at points other than that of departure;
(iv) 10 hours of night flight time including a minimum of 5 hours dual instruction flight time, including 2 hours of cross-country flight time and 5 hours solo flight time, including 10 take-offs, circuits and landings;
(v) 20 hours of dual instruction instrument flight time of which a maximum 10 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device; and
(vi) 5 hours flight time on complex or technically advanced aeroplanes (A technically advanced aeroplane means an aeroplane that combines most or all of the following design features: advanced cockpit automation system (glass cockpit), GPS with moving map, automated engine and systems management, and integrated autoflight/autopilot systems for IFR/VFR flight operations); and
Successful completion of the flight tests for the Private Pilot Licence — Aeroplane and the Commercial Pilot Licence — Aeroplane.

The CPL(A) flight training will be broken in to 7 phases: PPL Primary, PPL Advanced, PPL Flight Test Preparation and Flight Test, Night, CPL Navigation, CPL Advanced, and Technically Advance Airplane.Integrated

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