Noise abatement policy

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Harv’s Air desires to be a good neighbor and uses the following procedures:

Circuit procedures:

Take off and landing practice only takes place between 7am and midnight. All other times will be arrivals and departures only (the airplane will not stay in the area).

Harv’s Air is required by law to follow a standard circuit pattern. Pilots follow these paths based on their ability, weather conditions, airplane performance, and other traffic.  The circuit pattern is flown within a radius of no more than 2 miles from the runway.  The direction of the circuit is determined by the wind. If you would like to know where that is, please contact us and we would be happy to show you.

Pilots avoid over flying populated areas when at all possible.  We do have to comply with Air Law as set by Transport Canada with regards to altitudes being flown over populated areas.  This law does not apply when we are in the process of taking off or landing though, as at that point we are lower and will be climbing or descending.

Privacy:  If you do see aircraft flying lower, please do not assume that they are looking at people or things on the ground.  Pilots are busy flying. They do not have time to focus on what’s going on on the ground. From 500 feet high one can see for miles.

Harv’s Air uses the quietest, lowest powered airplanes available on the industry today.

If there are any comments or concerns regarding this, please contact us directly and speak with our Operations Manager.

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