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Why learn to fly at Harv’s Air and start a flying career in Canada?
Flying in Canada is easier, faster, cheaper, and better than anywhere in the world!  We’ve been turning flight training upside down for more than 41 years!

No visa required for EU citizens for up to 6 months. No TSA, no finger printing, fees, and lengthy delays. You are welcome in Canada as a student learning to fly.

What are the costs?
Professional Pilot Course: Includes the Student permit, Private Licence, Night Rating, Multi Rating, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Pilot Licence.

Dual Training (with instructor)
7 hrs Citabria 7-ECA   $     1,372.00
2 hrs PA-28-161   $        386.00
3 hrs Cessna 172   $        579.00
51 hrs Cessna 152   $     8,976.00
27 hrs Beech 95 (Twin Engine)   $     9,207.00
10 hrs Simulator   $        880.00

Solo Flight
10 hrs Citabria 7-ECA   $     1,430.00
10 hrs PA-28-161   $     1,400.00
40 hrs Cessna 172   $     5,600.00
40 hrs Cessna 152   $     4,920.00

Ground School
Private Pilot Course    $        375.00
Private Pilot Kit    $        310.00
Commercial Pilot Course    $        500.00
Commercial Pilot Kit    $        200.00
Multi Engine Course    $        100.00
Multi Engine Kit    $          45.00
Instrument Course    $        375.00
Instrument Kit    $        203.57
40  hrs   Preflight Briefings     $     1,720.00
Flight Tests, Exams & Licence Fees    $     1,827.00
Tax (GST 5%)    $        701.75
Total       $   41,107.32

Options: Airplane types can be modified to suit the student’s goals and interest. An example would be if the student wanted more taildragger time, or glass (computerized) cockpit training. Ask for details.
Taking out the Multi IFR reduces the course cost by approximately $6000.

Accommodations: (on airport/school):  $410/month X 10 months = $4100  (on airport)
The extract length of time depends on how hard the student works, and how often they take lessons. Average time is 6-10 months.
Winnipeg airport pick up/drop off is included.

Why Harv’s Air:
Experience and caring management. 41 years. Same owners/managers.
Large fleet. 38 airplanes. taildraggers, aerobatics, glass cockpit, twins. 5 Flight Simulators
Strong standards. Recognized in the industry for combining old school teaching techniques with current technology, efficiently and economically.
In house maintenance. Large spare parts/engine/avionics inventory. You will not have to wait for airplanes to be fixed.
On site accommodations. No daily transportation cost/hassle.
Pay as you go.
Large alumni/networking system. Thousands of graduates in the industry. Assistance in finding the first flying job.
Online ground school.
Start any time, work at your own pace. Part time or very full time.
Many examiners on staff for all licences and ratings. No waiting for a flight test.
Best weather in Canada for flying. 330 visual flying days a year!
Airport pickup included for out of town students.
Complete package of Transport Canada certificates: Flight Training Unit, Approved Maintenance Organization, and Air Taxi Certificates. Real world experience.

International students:
No visa required for EU citizens for up to 6 months. No TSA, no finger printing, fees, and lengthly delays. You are welcome in Canada.
Thousands of students around the world have completed our program. Able to adapt and offer assistance to ESL students.
Medical coverage is included with program, no extra cost. (requres student visa).
Student visa assistance.
Work permit for students on student visa completing the professional pilot program and flight instructor rating.

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