Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Harv’s Air guarantee a job placement at the end of training?

Canadian aviation qualifications are well recognized and respected around the world, especially when gained from a renowned and reputable organization such as Harv’s Air. While we cannot guarantee a job placement at the end of training, we offer all our students assistance and direction, where possible, to assist them in finding suitable employment.

Gaining employment in general aviation or the airlines is up to the individual graduate. Considering the current shortfall in Indian pilots at the present time, employment in aviation looks promising in that region. Please refer to the links to news articles below for more information.

Your student visa will expire at the end of your course, so in order to work in Canada you would need to apply to the Department of Immigration to see if you can obtain a work visa.  Without a work visa you are unable to be employed in Canada after your course is finished.

Can Harv’s Air offer part-time employment to its students?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with part-time employment for all our students.   However, it is possible to find part-time employment in and around the area surrounding our two flight school locations. Working even part time will delay the training significantly. Working and paying for the training at the same time does not work.

Does Harv’s Air offer assistance with a loan for course fees and/or accommodation and living expenses?

Harv’s Air does not have the facility to offer bank loans for course fees, nor do we have any kind of scholarship entry into the course for international students.

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