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Due to overwhelming demand, we have paused admission of international students until April 1 2024.  When we do reopen admission 

There’s never been a better time for international students to fly with Harv’s Air. Whether you are a new student pilot looking to get your career off the ground, a time builder looking to fatten your log book, or simply here for a flying holiday, Canada is an incredible opportunity for flying.

Here’s why:

  1. Your money will go far in Canada. Cost of living is low.
  2. No security hassles. If you are from the EU, or any industrialized nation, all you need is a passport for a course of 6 months or less. No visa, no fingerprinting, no fees, no delays. Student from other countries are very welcome and have to go through a simple visa process. Private Pilot licence conversions are fast and easy. PPL Licence conversion can be completed before you arrive.
  3. On site accommodations. No need for a car, expensive hotels and apartment rentals. Start when you want and stay right on the school and airport property.
  4. Many more advantages. International students are very welcome at Harv’s Air flight training school. Over the years we’ve developed an excellent system for our international aviation students, allowing them to make a smooth transition to living in Canada and to complete flight training with minimum fuss and cost. As always, questions are welcome, so contact us.

If you have any questions regarding international admission, please contact

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