How do I start my flight training?

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It is recommended that all students enroll in our online ground school prior to commencing flight training. With Online Ground School, you will save time and money by arriving prepared for your flight training.

To begin:

  1. Fill in the online student application form or download, print and fax or mail a paper application.
  2. Do you need accommodations? To book accommodations contact us.
  3. Schedule the aviation medical. We recommend that you book a medical as soon as possible. You may start training without the medical, however you may not fly solo. It takes 2-6 weeks to process a medical. Aviation medicals are not the same as immigration medicals. If your starting your training within 4 weeks, contact us and we’ll arrange for a medical with a local doctor. It’ll be cheaper and faster.
  4. For international students: Do you need a student visa? For a course of 6 months or less no student visa is required. Please see our student visa page for more information.
  5. Schedule your first booking by email or phone. Flight Training may start any time for the modular courses, and at the specified time for integrated courses.
  6. For directions and maps to our school visit our location page. Welcome aboard!
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