International Fees

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Tuition for international student is the same as Canadian resident, your flight will be billed based on our standard hourly rates.

Application Fee: $500CAD

Tuition Fee: Billed by hours, please check on Harv’s Air Standard Rates

Health Insurance: $800 CAD per year

As an international student, health insurance is mandatory to attend any training program at Harv’s Air Service. To ensure student is covered, health insurance will be billed and purchased 1 or 2 days prior arrival.  Insurance is provided through a company called . This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions and any things new (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that starts after your insurance coverage begins (the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions)

Paying for Flight Training

 There are many ways you can earn money to help pay your tuition fees and living expenses.Most international students also find part-time employment while studying. We offer on-campus jobs as well as a variety of jobs in the community.

How to Pay for Your Fees

Harv’s Air accepts the following method of payments:

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