What is the weather like?

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Weather for flying is excellent. On average we have 300+ visual flying days a year. Training for instrument flying can be conducted almost every day of the year. Manitoba’s four seasons allow pilots to experience all types of flying conditions from the awe-inspiring performance of cold air to hot summer days. Manitoba has THE best flying conditions in Canada.

Part of the adventure for many international students who come to Harv’s Air is the weather. Canada offers a full variety of seasons, including hot summers and cold winters. Summers can get up to 30C and winters can go down to -25C. In winter, the land is white and beautiful. Summer brings many colors and warm breezes.

Due to these temperature differences, it is important to have clothing for all seasons. For winter, make sure to have warm gloves, a warm coat, sweaters (pullovers), thick socks, winter boots, and a winter coat. For students from tropical countries, it makes more sense to buy this clothing after you get to Canada than to try to buy it at home. For summer, make sure to have shorts (short pants), short-sleeve shirts, and athletic shoes or sandals.

Max Min
Celsius Fahrenheit Celsius Fahrenheit
January -13 7 -24 -11
February -10 14 -21 -6
March -2 27 -12 7
April 10 48 -2 28
May 19 64 5 41
June 23 73 10 52
July 26 79 13 55
August 25 77 12 54
September 19 64 6 43
October 11 54 0 34
November 0 32 -9 16
December -10 16 -19 -2


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