Hiring pilots, dispatchers, and AMEs

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At Harv’s Air hiring preference for flight instructors is given to students who have completed all of their training with us. If you want to work for us, then train with us. We hire based on demand, flying skills, and personality. All of the flight instructors ratings we have completed in the last 7+ years we have hired. We can hire international students as flight instructors, for which there is a process to obtain a work visa and permanent residence in Canada.

Another position we often hire for is dispatching. Our dispatching position is really a linemen position which means fueling and moving airplanes, answering phones, and helping students and customers. We much prefer to hire a student during the PPL/CPL/IFR training as a dispatcher and then move to instructing. Dispatching allows one to learn the business from the “inside” and makes for a nice transition into flight instructing in the future.

AME apprenticeship positions also become available from time to time. We much prefer to hire a candidate with a strong mechanical back ground and a pilot licence.

Open positions are usually announced on our twitter feed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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