Co-Pilot Course

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What would you do if your pilot suddenly became unconscious? Would you know how to control your airplane, get help, and then approach a field or a runway for a landing?

This course is designed with the non-pilot in mind; the one who spends a lot of time in the right seat with their flying partner, but is unsure of the airplane and how it works. We’ll will teach you about the basic instrumentation of of your aircraft, tackle some common aerodynamic myths (it won’t fall out of the sky!), tell you how to get help, and show you that you CAN control and fly the airplane! Next, we’ll move on to basic runway and field approach attempts, showing you the judgement and control strategies that you need for a safe attempt at landing!

This is the perfect course for anyone who has wondered “what if,” and needs the confidence to know that they CAN manage the airplane in the event of an emergency!

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