Income tax and flight training

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Revenue Canada has recently been requiring proof of enrolment in the Commercial Pilot Licence program before allowing a deduction for the hours under the Private Pilot Licence.

A letter confirming enrollment in the CPL is available to students actively pursuing a CPL (i.e. a Category I Medical, or enrolment in Commercial Ground school, or working towards a Night Rating or actively completing the dual requirements of the CPL). Just email Bettie

Students are reminded that all deductions taken are the responsibility of the person claiming the deduction on their tax return.

TUITION TAX CREDIT This interpretation bulletin published by Revenue Canada, contains information on what parts of your flight training may be tax deductible (i.e., what parts may be considered “tuition”).

TUITION FEES CERTIFICATE – FLYING SCHOOL OR CLUB TL11B This is the tax form you use to record and claim your flight training credit.  

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