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Interested in learning to fly, but not sure? Want something more than a discovery flight? Find out if you have what it takes: Flight Camp!

Harv’s Air St Andrews hosts a “Flight Camp” in the last week of August. A flight camp is a weeklong course where the candidate completes the first lessons of the Private course. At the end of the course the students will have completed three hours of flying and ground school for the pre solo air regulations exam.

Who: Anybody interested in a intensive introduction to aviation. Ages 10 to 80 are welcome. The ground school and flight training all counts toward future instruction toward the Private Pilot Licence or Recreational Permit. Minimum 3 students, maximum 15.

Why: Introduction to flight training.

What is included:
Pilot Training Record booklet.
Access to the Online Ground School Air Exercises and PSTAR Course.
10 hours classroom Ground School and written exam for Student Pilot Permit
5 hours preparatory ground school for how to do the air exercises in the airplane
2 hours full motion flight simulator with a certified flight instructor.
3 hours flight training with a certified flight instructor.
St. Andrews Control tower tour

Where: Harv’s Air, St. Andrews Airport, 601 Club Road.

August 27 to August 31, 2018
9am to 4pm

Daily schedule
9am to 12pm  Ground School
12pm 1pm Lunch (not included). There is a restaurant on site, bag lunches are fine)
1pm to 4pm. Flight Simulator or Flight Training in airplane

How much.  $800 plus gst.  $200 deposit required at least 1 month before start of course to secure slot.

For more details please contact us!

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