Flight training in your own airplane

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If you own an airplane or interested in purchasing your own airplane we can complete the training on your own airplane if:

  • The airplane’s maintenance has been completed (annuals and hourly inspections)
  • Paperwork is complete
  • The airplane has dual controls
  • The airplane has to be insured for hull and liability and Harv’s Air Service is named on the insurance document.
  • If it’s a homebuilt aircraft we will need to inspect the airplane before we commence training.

There may be limits on what we can do in your own airplane. For example, it has to have a full gyro panel to do instrument training.The airplane also has to be capable of doing spins; if it cannot, then that exercise would have to be done in an aircraft that can. If you are a student pilot, then the airplane must be based at St. Andrews or Steinbach. We can do the training in a taildragger as well.

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