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It’s no secret that the Garmin G1000® revolutionized the aviation industry forever. In fact, most aircraft manufacturers do not offer the old steam gauges any longer. Glass cockpits are definitely here to stay.

If you’re new to flying, don’t make the mistake of learning on obsolete equipment. Think about it this way: would you learn to use a computer that was new in 1970, 1980 or even 1990? Technology is ever-changing and aircraft are no different. Modern aircraft are
technically advanced, more fuel efficient, safer and more reliable than they were even 10 years ago.

Garmin g1000 checkout

Experience the safety and ease of use of modern avionics.
Gain experience with EFIS (electronic flight instruments) for future career

Start with the free online course for either the Cessna172sp or Diamond Da40
Get a briefing and simulator session on the Red bird G1000 emulation.
Go flying. The length of the checkout depends on the preparation and back ground of the pilot.
On average 1-2 hours on Cessna 172sp G1000
On average 2-3 hours on a diamond da40 (constant speed prop)

Again, some checkouts are less time, some more time. It all depends on the pilot. Contact us to discuss your situation.

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