Getting Started

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To start flight training with Harv’s Air.

  1. Fill in the online student application form.
  2. The actual start date depends on a few factors. Such as, how do you want to take ground school? What type of schedule do you want to maintain? How busy we are and the number of instructors we have available at the time. Please contact us to coordinate the actual start date/time.
  3. For international students: Do you need a student permit? For a course of 6 months or less a student permit is not required.
  4. Schedule the Canadian aviation medical. We recommend that you book a medical as soon as possible. You may start training without the medical, however you may not fly solo. It takes 2-6 weeks to process a medical. Aviation medicals are not the same as immigration medicals. If you’re starting your training within 4 weeks, contact us and we’ll arrange for a medical with a local doctor.
  5. Schedule your first booking by email or phone.
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