Advice for flight training and knowing what to believe when finding a school

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Advice for flight training and knowing what to believe when finding a school.

1. The quality of training is inversely proportional to the amount of Marketing spin and hype.
2. Never trust anyone who wants you to part with large sums of money up front, no matter how financially sound their backers may seem.
3. The enthusiasm and dedication of the training staff is directly proportional to the staff morale.
4. Multiple coats of paint, gloss and shiny things disguise a multitude of sins.
5. Conditional deals or requirements are honey traps set to lure the unwary in.
6. Goods reputations take years to achieve, bad ones are gained in minutes.
7. You reap what you sow eventually.
8. High staff turnover is a useful indicator of the kind of treatment and respect a customer will enjoy and have a significant effect of the completion of their training on time and on budget.
9. Success in getting an airline job is directly proportion to the amount of personal effort you put yourself.
10. If you haven’t got what it takes a vast amount of money will not buy you skills or the job.
11. An airline job is not necessarily the pinnacle of success or satisfaction in this industry.
12. More people have got airline jobs by using their own initiatives than those who have relied on others to do it for them.
13. The best places to train are usually the least heavily advertised.
14. Small is usually beautiful, or the best things in life come in unassuming packages.
15. A fool and his money are soon parted.

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