Multi-Engine / Instrument Program

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  • Our combined multi-engine rating and instrument rating course allows you to get your rating with the greatest cost efficiency.
  • State of the art avionics: Sandel EHSI, Garmin 430wass, STEC autopilot. Basic panel also in the aircraft for “bare bones” instrument flying.
  • IFR Flight Training School Actual Air Taxi flight service: Real world training. Based on availability, students are invited to come on actual air taxi flights.
  • Have you been flying in the bush? Ready to upgrade? Been a few years since you flown on wheels? We specialize in upgrade training.
  • Streamlined preflight checklist:10 minutes maximum on the ground vs. 30 minutes at some airports. No standard ground charge.
  • The Transport Canada regional office is situated only 50 minutes away. Exams are written 5 days a week and flight tests are available on short notice.
  • Variety of instrument approach equipped airports in the area, including American instrument approaches.
  • Standalone GPS approach on our home base.
  • No traffic delays, no instructor delays. Fly with the same instructor.
  • Intensive, accelerated training, finish on your own schedule and pace. We will not slow you down! Average time to complete is 2-3 weeks with no previous IFR flight experience.
  • Online Ground School:
  • IFR Pilot Training Student can arrive with the written examination complete or we can help you with the ground school. Ground School can be conducted 3 ways. 1) On the internet. 2) One-to-One with a flight instructor. 3) Based on demand, classroom ground school.
  • Training delays due to weather are minimized as we are authorized to train in “actual” instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). It is very essential that the candidate see some “cloud time” while doing the instrument rating.
  • Stand alone GPS appoach (presecion and non precision)
  • In-house maintenance support. Always hangared.
  • Competitive rates. Billed on flight time.
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