The first step: A discovery Flight

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Interested in learning to fly? Then a discovery flight might be just the ticket for you!

A discovery flight is lesson one for either the Recreational or Private Licence. It is designed to show you what flying an airplane is like, a chance to explain what learning to fly is all about, and to meet the staff and tour around our flight school. It is not just an airplane ride. The Discovery Flight is separated into three parts; preflight briefing, the flight itself, and the postflight briefing.

The Discovery flight starts with a Preflight Briefing in the office. Your instructor will explain exactly what you are going to do in the flight taking into account such things as safety, the weather, and the aircraft. After answering any questions you may have, you and your instructor will complete a safety walk around of the aircraft together.

The second segment of the lesson is the fun part…we go FLYING! From the pilot’s seat you will perform the checklist, startup procedures and after a short demonstration, will taxi the aircraft to the runway. Once the preflight checks are completed, it’s time to takeoff and “slip the surly bonds.” In the air you will do most of the flying, learning how to turn, climb, descend, and slow down/speed up: generally getting the feel for the airplane. You will be surprised how easy it really is and how awesome it feels to be flying your own airplane. After joining the circuit pattern at the airport, you and your instructor will land the aircraft.

Once done taxiing and shutting down, you will be debriefed by your instructor, describing how you did and what to look out for on your next flight. To complete the Discovery flight your instructor will tour you around the school/airport and airplanes, allowing you to explore our large fleet.

A discovery flight usually takes an hour to complete including the 30 minute flight.

Book your discovery flight online! A Discovery flight can either be you and an instructor in a Cessna 152 (2 seater), or you may take a passenger along in a Cessna 172 (4 seater). Gift Certificates are also available.

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