To get recurrent after not flying for a while

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Typical scenario: You learned to fly a few years ago, and then you got married, house, kids, etc. came along. You had to stop flying. Now things have changed and you want to get flying again. Here’s what you have to do:

1.     Renew your medical

2.     Complete the PSTAR exam if it’s been more then 5 years since you were Pilot in Command. This is the same exam completed by students before they go solo. There is a study guide, and also a online course to help you prepare which includes video, presentations, quiz questions. You can also come to the school and we can help you one on one. Once you are ready, contact us to book the PSTAR test.

3.     Do you have the blue licence “passport like” pilot licence? If not, then you need to get a passport picture taken of yourself and submit this form to Transport Canada.

4.     Once you have this done, then call or email to book a flight. How much flying depends on how rusty you are and to what proficiency level are you looking to achieve. Do you plan on flying locally for fun, or are you ferrying an airplane to a far off airport depends on what level of proficiency you need. Usually 2-5 hours or less is required, but it all depends on the pilot. There is no flight test.

Does that help? Feel free to ask questions.

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