Transfer Student

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If you are training at another flying school and considering a transfer you are welcome to fly with us, but you need to be aware of the process to transfer.

1. Your flying hours and experience will transfer. We need to see the log books and training records, preferably signed or stamped from the previous flight school. If you have prevous military flight time, we’ll need to check with Transport Canada to ensure transferablity. Flight time has to be in the correct catagory (not Ultralights, hang gliders, etc). 
2. Only Canadian medicals and written exams can be accepted. International medicals and/or written exams without the licence completed can’t be used in Canada for licence completion.
3. Expect that it will take a few hours to get used to a different airplane, instructor, airport, area.
4. If you are close to a flight test, it would be wise to complete that flight test first before transferring.

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