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St. Andrews

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Aerodrome Geometric Center Coordinates

N50 03 22 W97 01 57


St. Andrews Airport Inc. 204-336-3250


  • Telephone, Food, Accommodations on site.
  • Taxi, Medical facilities, Car rental within 30nm of airport.

Flight Planning NOTAM FILE CYWG

Flight Information Center (FIC): Winnipeg866-WXBRIEF (toll free in Canada) or 866-541-4103 (toll free within Canada & USA) (file 3 min prior to ETD)

Area Control Center (ACC): IFR 204-983-8337 or 888-834-3344 or flight plan by fax at 204-983-2823 and include phone numbers where pilot can be reached prior to dep.


  • Fuel: 100LL, JA-1
  • 13-01Z Mon-Thu, 13-22Z Fri-Sun, Apr-Oct except holidays
  • 14-24Z Mon-Thu, 14-23Z Fri-Sun, Nov-Mar except holidays
  • Oil: All
  • Servicing: Storage available, Servicing/Minor repairs, Major repairs, Parking (extended term), Tie-down facilities, Plug-in facilities

Runway Data

Runway 13 (129°) / 31 (309°)
3001×75 asphalt

Runway 18 (184°) / 36 (004°)
3004×75 asphalt

Runway 04 (041°) / 22 (221°)
2881×75 asphalt

Runway Conditions Report
Operator 13-2130Z daily Nov – Mar except holidays; 1200-2030Z Mon – Fri  Apr – Oct, except holidays.


  • 04 – (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting)
  • 22 – (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting)
  • 13 – (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting)
  • 31 – Center Row Low Intensity (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting)
  • 18 – Center Row Low Intensity (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting) V1
  • 36 – Center Row Low Intensity (Threshold/Runway End, Medium intensity lighting) V1
  • Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting (ARCAL) Type J Opr when tower closed
  • Approach lights and helipad lights not available on ARCAL


At St. Andrews we offer accommodations for student’s right on the airport property! No need to commute, find an apartment, or deal with transportation costs. You can wake up, walk 200 feet, take a flying lesson go back to your room for a break and repeat lessons as you wish throughout the day. Accommodations are for active students only (20 flying hours a month, and active ground school attendance).

Bedrooms include a bunk bed, a desk, and a chest of drawers. Local phone is included (long distance requires phonecards or collect calls), and wifi internet. Washer and Dryer is included for no extra cost.


  • Renovated April 2024
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • 9 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms

Mobile homes

  • North and south trailer
  • Bedrooms for 6 students
  • Common area
  • Kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms

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