Map (Steinbach South Airport)

Steinbach South Airport

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Aerodrome Geometric Centre Coordinates: N49 29 38 W96 41 56

Location from Community: 2 miles south

Variation: 4 degrees E

Time Zone Factor: UTC -6(5)

A/D Elevation: 888′

Charts: VTA  A50007  LO4  CAP

Operator: Harv’s Air Service  204-326-2434

Registered Aerodrome  Prior Permission Required

Public Facilities:

  • Telephone on site
  • Food, Taxi, Medical Facilities, Accommodation, and Car Rental within 5nm

Flight Planning: NOTAM FILE CYDN

Flight Information Centre (FIC): Winnipeg 866-WXBRIEF (toll free in Canada)  866-541-4103 (toll free within Canada & USA) (file 30 min prior ETD)

Area Control Center (ACC): IFR, 204-983-8337 or 888-834-3344 or flt pln by Fax at 204-983-2823 & include phone numbers where pilot can be reached prior to dep.


  • Fuel:  100LL
  • Oil:  All
  • Servicing:  Servicing/minor repairs, Major repairs, Parking (extended term), Tie-Down facilities, Plug-In facilities

Runway Data:

  • Runway 07(71 degrees)/ 25(251 degrees)  1834×100 turf
  • Runway 18(175 degrees)/ 36(355 degrees)  3112×100 turf/asphalt, center 25′ asphalt  Rwy 18 up 0.32%
  • Runway Conditions Report: Contact Operator

Lighting: Threshold and runway end, low intesity lights


  • Universal Communications (UNICOM) with Limited hours 122.7
  • 5nm 3900 ASL


  • Circuit hight: 1600 ASL
  • ATS Requires: VFR & IFR flight plans, filed 30 min prior to departure.






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