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Learning to fly requires some theoretical material taught on the ground. We call it ground school. We offer two main ways to do ground school, in a classroom or online at

An online web based ground school that replaces or works with a classroom ground school.

The online ground school is a guided self study program with the added benefit of communicating with your fellow students via forums online. Study when you want, where you want (any internet connection), and how you want. The ground school prepares you for the written exam and background knowledge all pilots need to have. Student have electronic access to a instructor via email and discussion forums.

Our system uses presentations (some with sound, video, and animation), videos of a actual ground school, quizzes, text books, assignments, and discussions in the forum. This is tied together using a course management system and it is all web based.

There are two parts to learning to fly, the flying and ground school. Pilots and student pilots will cross oceans for flying. Ground School is always a pain. It’s never at the right time, right place, or with the right instructor. The online ground school is designed to change that.

Convenience. Start/End any time. Work at your own pace. Schools don’t have to own/rent a large classroom and train a flight instructor. Students save transport time/cost to the school.

What type of student works well using a online ground school?
Online ground school requires the student to be self motivated and disciplined. You have to be comfortable with computers.

How can students sign up?
Go here

Online Ground Schoool at has the following goals:

  • Prepare students for flying lessons and reduce cost by increasing your productivity with your instructor on the ground and in the air.
  • Provide practical background knowledge for flying.
  • Prepare students for the Transport Canada written examinations.

How long has the online ground school been going?
We’ve been conducting online ground school since December 1999. We created the online ground school to serve a need. Flight schools always have a hard time filling a ground school class due to different schedules of students. The online ground school allows flexibility.
The online ground school is also designed for students who are planning an intensive training course, allowing students to prepare before they commence flight training. Today the Harv’s Air online ground school is the largest ground school in Canada (bigger then all the other ground schools in Canada combined).

Is this course Transport Canada approved?
Transport Canada does not approve a ground school, they give this privilege to a Flight Training Unit. We are approved to conducted ground schools with Harv’s Air (our parent company) under the Flight Training Unit number 0172. Transport Canada monitors the quality of a schools ground school by studying the results, feedback of students, and regular audits. Poor or spectacular results (cheating) will have Transport Canada investigating a flight training unit’s ground school very quickly.

What material (books, maps) are required for the online ground school?

Private Pilot/Recreational Permit/Ultralight Permit:

From the Ground Up, Plotter, Flight Computer, Flight Training Manual

Commercial Pilot Licence:
From the Ground Up, Plotter, Flight Computer, Flight Training Manual,
Weather Command Manual

Instrument Rating:
From the Ground Up, Plotter, Flight Computer, Flight Training Manual,
Weather Command Manual Instrument Procedures Manual

What courses are available and what are they for?
Current list of courses and prices:

PSTAR (pre solo air regulations course)
Air Exercise course. This is the preparatory ground before the Rec
Private, and Commercial training courses
Ultralight Permit Ground School
Recreational Pilot Permit (includes PSTAR and Air Exercise course)
Private Pilot Licence (includes PSTAR and Air Exercise course)
Instrument Rating Air Exercises (preparatory instruction for the instrument rating)
Instrument Rating (includes Instrument Rating Air Exercises)
Airline Transport Licence
IATRA (Type Rating)
Flight Instructor Rating
Private Pilot FAA to Transport Canada Conversion
Instrument Pilot FAA to Transport Canada Conversion
Commercial Pilot FAA to Transport Canada Conversion
Canadian Radiotelephone Operations Certificate Course
Pilot decision Making
Chief Pilot Air Taxi Course
Chief Pilot Commuter Course
Operation Manager Air Taxi Course
Operation Manager Commuter Course
Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination
Combo Courses CPL and IFR ground school
Combo Courses IFR and ATPL ground school

How long are courses valid for? How long does a student have to complete the course?
Course length varies from courses to course. From 90 day to 360 days.
For a complete listing of valid times see the course listing.  The actual time students take to complete the course varies wildly. The PPL average is 86 hours, CPL average is 98 hours, IFR average is 74 hours.

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