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Beechcraft Travelair CFVJC
Aircraft last updated: 18 Jan 2024

PILOT SIGNATURE X__________________________________________________
The Pilot In Command is responsible for ensuring all calculations are correct.
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 07:03:26 CDT

Empty Wt
Empty CG
Item Weight Arm Moment
Empty Weight
Front Seats
Rear Seats
Fuel mains
Gallons Takeoff

Gallons Landing
Fuel Aux
Gallons Takeoff

Gallons Landing
Aft Baggage (max 400 lbs includes 120lbs for hat r
Nose Compartment (max 270 lbs)
Totals at Takeoff
CG limits: FWD 75 @2792.91-3600lbs to 80.5 @ 4200 AFT 86@any weight
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